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The Next StepS

Have you said yes to Jesus? Why not take the next steps to a fulfilled life in Christ as you walk an amazing journey with others in your faith in Jesus.


After giving your life to Jesus, baptism is the next step
on your spiritual journey. Christ called it our first step of obedience; an outward expression of your inner  commitment to Him. Although, it is not a requirement for Salvation, we encourage every believer to take this step. A symbol of the Christian’s identification with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection; a declaration that the believer has died with Christ and has been raised with Him to walk in newness of life; a public confession of the new believer’s faith in Christ; and the answer of a good conscience toward God

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Many people attend a church and yet never formally join as members. Although Scripture doesn’t specifically say “Be a member” the concept of being vitally connected to a church family is implied. By becoming a member you are saying that Cornerstone Christian Fellowship will be your spiritual home; that you will be accountable to the church and that you intend on growing spiritually as part of this body.

Membership classes run over 3 Sundays after church, periodically. This is a decision to be prayerfully considered. 

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Too many people live from Sunday to Sunday. They feel disconnected, and too often, alone. We were built for relationship; community. It is where we grow and become part of something greater then ourselves. Expand your family and get plugged in to a community group that you can call home. Community groups are an integral part of church life and growing as new or seasoned Christians.